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Issue 3(6), Volume 2, 2003

Corpus Linguistics

Idea of Alejandro Curado Fuentes

Corpus, plural corpuses or corpora [countable]
technical a large collection of written or spoken language, that is used for studying the language (from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English CD-ROM
© Pearson Education Limited 2003)


Pascual Pérez-Paredes
Small Corpora as Assisting Tools in The Teaching of English News Language: A Preliminary Tokens-Based Examination of Michael Swan’s Practical English Usage News Language Wordlist.

Pernilla Danielsson & Michaela Mahlberg
Using parallel corpora in the bilingual classroom

Maria Jose Pereira de Oliveira
Corpus Linguistics in the teaching of ESP and Literary Studies

Alejandro Curado Fuentes, Patricia Edwards Rokowski
Using Corpus Resources as Complementary Task Material in ESP

Issue 3(6), Volume 2, 2003


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