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Correlation between Level of Communication Apprehension and Development of Communication Skills in Engineering Students

Ms. Sunanda Patil (Shinde) and Dr. Tripti Karekatti

*Asst. Prof., Gharda Institute of Technology, Lavel, Maharashtra.

Asst. Prof., Department of English, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra.



This study examined the oral communication apprehension in English of 100 engineering students of an engineering college in Western Maharashtra.  A set of questionnaire comprising the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension PRCA-24 (McCroskey, 1984) was administered to these English for Specific purpose (ESP) students. Results indicated that most of these engineering students (48%) perceived themselves to have high and only 9% perceived to have low communication apprehension while communicating in English. 43% students had moderate communication apprehension. It is also found that students are more apprehensive while giving oral presentation or public speech. While, in group discussion they have comparatively low apprehension.  Therefore, it is needed to understand and study the reasons for students’ level of apprehension in certain communicative situations. It is also essential to know the source/s which cause communication apprehension among ESP learners, especially, among engineering students.

Keywords: English for specific purposes; Oral communication apprehension; Engineering students; Communicative situations.

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