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ESP Learners’ Needs: A case Study of Medicine Students at Some Sudanese Universities.


Fatah-ELrahman Dafa-Allah .A.M.


Faculty Member

English Language Center

Preparatory Year, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding e-mail:


This study investigates ESP learners' needs at some Sudanese Universities. In particular the study targets the students studying medicine through the medium of English language. Learners' needs are divided into three categories which cover the needs for English language for general purposes, academic purposes and for job purposes. Three universities were chosen to examine the hypotheses of the study. The method used to collect data was students’ questionnaire. The study has come out with a number of facts the most important of these facts are: In their daily life the students need English language to listen to radio, understanding TV programs and films. In the academic field, the need for English language to understand lectures was highly rated. Finally in their future jobs the study revealed that the students need English language to read written or printed materials connected with jobs.

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